Making a Study plan

Hello everyone, I have to write or make, depending on how you look at it, a study plan for myself. One for the long term. I am kind of stuck on it, that's why I am writing here... I kind of started small and just wrote down which things are my goals for this year.... Continue Reading →


Cover Reveal; The path keeper

  Hello everyone, I am coming back, let's just say life has ups and downs. Everyone has them, and I had a really tough time. So coming back from all of that feels so nice! Coming back needs to happen the right way, don't you think! with an amazingly beautiful cover reveal for one of... Continue Reading →


hello everyone, its been a while, I seem to say that a lot on social media a lot. Having a bookstagram, and not posting on it, having a twitter account and not tweeting, having unread books and not reading.   I feel like I have yelled from the beginning of this year I want it... Continue Reading →

Spoiler free book review; Hayley Soon

hello everyone, I received this copy of Hayley Soon from the author Andrew Henley (@ahenleyauthor on Instagram), even though I got this copy for free, I will give my honest opinion and as always without spoilers. Blurb; Hayley Soon is the tale of a Korean-American transgirl with a fractured mental health, obsession with pop culture,... Continue Reading →

Currently reading (WAY TO MANY)

Hello everyone, I was thinking about telling you what I am currently reading as I am reading way to many books at once... Illuminae -  Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff XX v XY - Christina Cigala he uttered "soulmate" - Athena Coleman Hayley Soon - Andrew Henley Zenith - Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings (audiobook) Mrs.... Continue Reading →

Book review: Picture perfect

*** This is book three in a series, the blurb can contain spoilers for previous books although my review won't***   hello there, I have finished this book a while ago, and never really sat down to write a proper review on it, so here it is! but first let start with the blurb: "My name... Continue Reading →

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